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Nismo Festival 2016 Part 2 - Tuners Heaven

Like every year Nismo Festival attracts plenty of fans, which often also means GT-R or Nissan owners looking for new parts and ideas to upgrade and refresh their beloved machines.

This year wasn't any different, with plenty of tuners, makers and dealers showcasing their latest products. Saying that the choice was vast would be an understatement as literally everything was for sale: from key rings and interior parts to tires, wheels and even complete cars - indeed a very dangerous place for your wallet!
Can you walk through without buying anything?
There is no question in my mind of which was the best BNR34 on display: Mine's world famous demo car based on a ultra-rare R34 V-spec II N1 platform takes my personal choice by a large margin.
In a world usually populated by crappy neon lights, chromed parts and abused engine bays, Mine's is a little beacon of simplicity and functionality. 
Simply an icon
The attention to detail combined with the sober and understated look (well, minus the decals) make it the ultimate tuner machine, at least for me. 

The car showcased plenty of carbon fiber, including front canards, side mirrors, rear trunk lip and the whole rear spoiler, all finished in Mine's signature blue carbon fiber: absolutely stunning.

Impressive craftmanship for such a small company
Details everywhere
Top Secret had on display their latest creation, which quickly became the talk of the show: a completely swapped R32 with R35 engine and mechanics. While I am not a huge fan of swaps I could not help but tip my hat to Smoky Nagata's genius.
The interior of the car featured a complete R35 kit with quality level easily mistakable for factory-like finish.
Yes, it's a R32
Best R had on display a R32 V-spec II N1 that came straight out of a time capsule, with the odometer reading 10 km (yes, you read that correctly!) and a pricetag north of 25,000,000 Yen. 

As impressive as it is to see cars in such mint conditions it's also sad to realize that they will never be driven.
Guess the price
With OEM parts rapidly disappearing and prices on the rise, fans quickly gathered around the used parts sales stands looking for bargains and chasing that hard to find part. Maintaining RB26 powered GT-Rs is definitely not cheap.
All kind of seats...
...and second hand parts
Speaking of restoring, Robson Leather brought out their demo car with the interior fully re-done in alcantara and carbon fiber. 

This is an endless debate, but I still prefer the original finish.
The chassis number engraved on the window is a true otaku touch
Complete Mine's engine: not bad
More nostalgic fans gathered around this perfectly restored R31 GTS-R.

Nissan obviously had the biggest stand of the show, including the MY17 R35 GT-R.
And a Note in matching color.

A quick stop at the Omori Factory stand, with all three demo-cars on display, was obviously a must for me. The R33 Grand Touring car caught my attention right away: the finish on this car is incredible and looks absolutely solid and so well put together.

R34 steering wheel
I also took a closer look at the R34 CRS, which was fitted again with the new carbon fiber inlet piping and airbox; these parts are prohibitively expensive, but the finish is absolutely superb.
Superbe quality
Lovely blue tint on the titanium strut bar
Some of the latest Omori Factory product were also on display, like this lightweight connecting rod.

Or the R35 brakes, now offered both in 380 and 390 mm diameters.
Italian technology
For the first time, I also had a closer look at the R32 Grand Touring Car, which looked as impressive as the other models.
R32 Grand Touring
I spent a significant amount of time at the Omori Factory stand, chatting with the staff and gathering as many information as possible, including a bit of confidential information about their next projects, but I'll save this for some future announcement that (I hope) I will make shortly.

Latest carbon bits and pieces
The parking areas were obviously filled with interesting cars.

Like this blue BCNR33 with a Tomei engine.

Or this rare BCNR33 R tune filled with all kinds of Nismo goodies, including a R1 engine. 
R tune
Love the old Nismo decals

A silver MY17 was also on display at the Rays stand: as I mentioned in the previous posts I am a fan of the refreshed design. Despite being a 8 years old car Nissan has shown no sign of an incoming retirement and I am sure more special models will be planned towards the end of its production.
Walking around all these goodies was very tempting, but, believe it or not, I managed to stick to my plan and leave the event without spending a single yen. Talk about "window shopping"!

Until next time.

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