Saturday, November 5, 2016

Inside Nissan HQ - Vintage Skyline Collection

Right after the MY17 GT-R launch in New York I decided to pay a visit to Nissan HQ to check out the upgraded version of the R35. 

Located in Yokohama, the facility is just 30 minutes away from Tokyo; the showroom is fairly big and, once inside, feels quite modern, albeit having a mid-to-late 2000' feel to it.
The R35 MY17 was on display on the main stage right next to a silver Hakosuka GT-R. The model on display was a Premium Edition in the new Blaze Metallic Orange: it looked great , but unfortunately there was no way of getting closer to it, so after admiring the refreshed shapes and glimpses of the new interior for a few minutes, I moved on to check out the rest to the showroom.
R35 MY17 and Hakosuka GT-R
This was the closest we could get
As the official launch took place just few days before, the GT-R was obviously the main theme at the HQ and, for the occasion, Nissan decided to display some pretty special cars.
Quite the lineup
Next to a red Skyline 2000 GT-R was sitting a R32 in a very unique shade of light blue that I've never seen before. 

One of one?
I am not a R32 expert, but I couldn't find evidence of that color making into production; it looked great nonetheless and I wish I had taken more photos of it.

A pair of R33 Skyline and GT-R in silver were also on display at the bottom of the showroom. This is a sight that I'm sure my friend and BCNR33 enthusiast Aki would have definitely enjoyed. As I mentioned in my previous post, running into completely stock models of these cars is getting harder and harder and, to me, they have a unique appeal.
A pair of completely restored vintage Datsun Sunny racers greeted the visitors right next to the entrance; I am not very familiar with these cars, but definitely enjoyed their presence.
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Last but not least, a Bayside Blue BNR34 V-spec II occupied its own special spot on a rotating platform in the middle of the showroom. Needless to say, it attracted as many photographers and tourists, if not more, as its younger sister in orange which, supposedly, was the main car on display.
This wasn't just another model, but chassis number BNR34-010107, or the last R34 produced at Nissan Murayama plant and second to last overall R34 to be ever produced. A special commemorative plaque is installed next to the shift knob and the car has been on display in different Nissan museums and showrooms.
Last R34 ever produced at Maruyama factory
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