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R's Meeting 2016: Pure GT-R Passion

I know this comes a little late, but as I was browsing through my phone I thought it would be a shame not sharing some of the photos I took in September at the R's Meeting at Fuji Speedway. By now the event has been covered by many famous websites, but hopefully my content will be a bit different.
R's Meeting 2016
2016 was my first time attending the R's Meeting as I purposely passed on the 2015 edition. It just happened that last year I picked up my GT-R the exact Saturday evening before the event. Despite several friends inviting me I thought that getting on a 400km round-trip in a right-hand drive car I didn't know at all, with zero experience on Japanese roads and after an almost 10 years break from driving cars in general wouldn't be the best idea. So I passed.

Keen not to miss out this year, I arrived at Fuji Speedway nice and early: despite the clouds the weather was decent and we enjoyed one of the last summer days. Upon my arrival I met with Dino, whose BNR34 was on display at the Do Luck stand. If you are into parts and mods and keen to learn about the latest bits and pieces available for the Nissan icon we all love, you can read all about it on his coverage on
Not an everyday sight
I must say that the scene that presents once the parking lots start filling is pretty impressive: this is by far the largest GT-R meeting on the planet and you'll find everything from the old Hakosuka to the latest MY17 R35. If you are a GT-R fan this event is a must.
A classic
Besides the exhibitors' stands, talk shows, track sessions and photoshoots for the upcoming GT-R magazine coverage also took place. A big part of the event was just the joy of chatting with other owners, soaking inspiration from all the different car flavors on display and just breath in the passion that brings the community together.
Track action
Looking back at the photos I realized that what really caught my attention the most were the cleanest/unmolested unicorns or the tastefully modified ones. I am not a fan of profoundly altering the nature of one car, both exterior-wise and mechanically: wide-body kits and 1000ps set-up never did it for me. Yes, yes, to each its own, but I've personally yet to see a kitted GT-R that looks better than one with a genuine Nismo aero package. Performance-wise I have a feeling that many tuners and owners are pushing their cars in an attempt to fill the gap between cars of more recent generations, which is something I really don't get: the older cars are supposed to have a little turbo-lag, a robust (and slower) manual transmission and the old-school Nissan interior. It's the perfect mix of a unique generation of machines that combined excellent mechanical properties with early stage, yet refined, electronics. Why bastardizing them with sequential transmissions, impossible to maintain engine set-ups and badly assembled interior mods with plastic leather and horrid shiny carbon fiber bits? If these are the qualities you are looking for then I would suggest picking up a very affordable secondhand R35: it does all these things incredibly better. Ok, ok: end rant and back to the cars. 

During the event I had the opportunity to admire in the flesh some of the rarest color modes, like this incredible Silica Breath M-spec Nür.
1 of 9 ever made in this color
Or this pair of ultra rare Lightning Yellow and Active Red V-spec, both sporting the same BBS wheels model.
Lightning Yellow
Active Red
I could also admire for the first time the famous Midnight Purple III color: definitely very interesting and it has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated, but I felt it's something I could get tired of once the initial "wow" factor fades.
On the other hand the darker Midnight Purple II looks a lot more mature and better matches the lines of the car in my opinion. This specific V-spec example sported Brembo F50 brakes too!
But it wasn't just BNR34s: this beautiful Marine Blue BCNR33 was on display next to the talkshow stage - I loved the darker shade of blue and I bet it would look amazing on a set of black Nismo LM GT4 wheels.
Marine Blue
This V-spec II Nür in Millennium Jade was the talk of the meeting: advertised with 4.050km on the clock, was on sale for JPY 17,000,000. A worthy investment, or the final escalation of a ridiculous spike in prices pushed by inflation and greed? I'll give my take on this in another post.
For sale!
Yes, it's real
I did actually do some tuning coverage and, amongst all the demo cars, it was Mine's that grabbed my attention. This is the tuning I like: understated, not overdone, and well balanced.
Definitely my favorite tuner
I obviously had to stop by the Omori Factory stand to take some photos of the finally unveiled BCNR33 demo Acar. The concept adopted by Nismo was to create a balanced GT machine with road driving in mind: the car sports a progressive S-tune engine and a long list of factory fresh bits and goodies, including a new carbon fiber air cleaner duct. I had the chance to see the car weeks before, during a visit at Nismo HQ in Tusrumi, Yokohama, but I must confess that seeing it up and close really made me want to buy a R33!
This was incredible
Engine bay: it doesn't get any newer than this
The BNR34 CRS was also there with a few newly developed parts like a rear bumper carbon fiber protective cover around the exhaust surroundings. 
These two models were by far the nicest and cleanest one on display and had a incredible "brand new" feel and look. On my way back home I couldn't help but thinking what it would have felt like taking delivery of one of these cars brand new from the dealership 15-20 yeas ago.

Until next time.

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